Where does all your money go?

You need to jazz up, Nwanne you’re in Lagos.

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Feranmi Okafor
Mar 31, 20221 min read
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Sometimes we get so caught up in the high that is the fast life of the city. Every time you step foot outside your door, your wallet is a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

When you get back home, you begin to wonder why the math is not “mathing”.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does.

Now while we advocate for you to have access to your funds at any time, we built this for you. We also want you to have control.

Here are ways you can keep track of your spending:

Money habits:

There is a natural tendency for us as humans to overspend. Staying conscious of habits formed can help check your spending.


Creating a “working” budget really changes the game with how you spend. You can have your money in a savings app and move a percentage of that money to your spending app. Think of it as being on a “money diet”.

Don’t be quick to lend:

Be your brother’s keeper, but not at your expense. You heard it here

Learning how to spend money becomes easier once you consciously fall into healthy patterns. We want you to have access, we also want you to be in control.

That’s how to do it, Thepeer way.

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