We’re Partnering With SheCode Africa

Here’s how we’re helping to #breakthebias

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Feranmi Okafor
Mar 16, 20221 min read
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According to TechRadius, the ratio of men to women in the engineering space is 5:1. Men outnumber women in the tech space.

We recognise that there’s still a huge gender gap in the tech space and these little actions may contribute to bridging that gap. We’re walking the talk.

As part of our commitment to support women-centered initiatives, we will be working with SheCodeAfrica to support their Cloud School boot camp and also provide laptop scholarships for some women in the technology sector.

About She Code Africa Programs

  • Cloud School Program

The She Code Africa Cloud School is a 3-month cohort-style, intensive boot camp program specifically targeted at women across Africa, looking to kick off or switch careers into the Cloud Engineering /  Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) field.

  • Laptop Scholarship Program

The laptop scholarship program will give women/girls free access and ownership to brand new PCs to enable them to learn tech skills.

We’re excited about this move and will continue to dedicate efforts to making the ratio of women in the tech space equal.

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