The First Watch Comes To An End

Here's a recap of what the knights of Thepeer did.

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Obiageli Unoka
Jul 5, 2022
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The first half of this year has been super exciting for us. From new integrations, partnerships and raising our seed funding, it's been an enlightening period for everyone at Thepeer.

Here's a breakdown of what's happened so far.

We raised some schmoneyyy! 🥳

Thepeer raised $2.1m, led by Raba Capital

If you recall, our last blog write-up carried this information with a personal note from our CEO, Chike.

This round was led by Raba Partnership with participation from Rallycap, BYLD, Timon Capital, Musha Ventures, Sunu, and Uncovered Fund, as well as leading African fintechs Chipper Cash and Stitch, bringing our total funding to $2.1m. 🎉

We are excited because we can now improve our world-class products and scale further. This is only the beginning.


We've had the pleasure of integrating these businesses, Eversend, Paga, Petra, Smileys Africa, Fusion, Chippercash and Bitsika, with our direct charge, send and checkout APIs on their apps.


We created a checkout API to let customers shop online and pay from their favourite wallets. Paying for items online is an essential part of the customer's experience. Thepeer Checkout was built with ease, security, convenience and speed to enable faster payments and fewer drop-offs.

Cashback Friday 🤑

We currently implemented a cashback benefit system on the Fusion website for Eversend wallet holders. If you want to purchase on the Fusion website using your Eversend wallet, you get 25% cash back when using Thepeer Checkout. Isn't that exciting?

Please give it a spin and let us know what you think.

Thepeer partner restaurants


For Women's month, we had the pleasure of partnering with the incredible team at Shecode Africa to support their Bootcamp program and laptop scholarship fund.

Thepeer partnership tweets and announcements

Product Updates (Businesses)

Send on the dashboard 💸

We've created a safe way for businesses to make payments to other businesses through their dashboard.

Want to pay a business for a service they rendered? The send feature on your business dashboard allows that to happen seamlessly. This way, the hassle of many payment processes is cut short.

The short demo below demonstrates how this is possible on your dashboard:

New Balances

As a business, you can now have both Naira and Dollar balances displayed on your dashboard. Balances in different currencies are coming soon.

Thepeer Naira and Dollar balances dashboard

What's Next For Us?

The future is bright at Thepeer, and we cannot wait to share more exciting updates and announcements surrounding our integrations and partnerships with other African businesses in the remaining half of this year.

You can be confident of one thing; Thepeer will keep finding more creative ways to bring businesses together, help user journeys for moving money easier and paying for items at checkout points easier.

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