Introducing Thepeer, the technology company enabling free Business-to-Business transactions

Thepeer is launching its API infrastructure with the mission to fasten the adoption of free transfers between apps and businesses across the world

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Obiageli Unoka
Aug 12, 2021
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Lagos, Nigeria August 12th, 2021: Thepeer, a technology company creating the infrastructure enabling businesses to support fast, direct and efficient transactions across other business platforms launches today. The technology platform is helping businesses change the way transactions are done while giving customers a better experience. With Thepeer, customers can carry out direct charges, recurring billings, transactions and more from any business platform integrating the API, easily. Thepeer supports businesses that want to enable their customers to transfer value from one app to the other.

This affords users improved access to the rest of the financial ecosystem, hence helping people unlock, create value and build wealth. Thepeer supports insight-driven approaches to building technological solutions for customers. Thepeer’s comparative advantage for end-users is enabling transactions from one business app to another free of charge.

Commenting on the launch

Chike Ononye, CEO and Co-Founder of Thepeer commenting on the launch said,

“As Thepeer launches today, the team is looking at two things; convenience for customers and growth for businesses. In this digital age, people have at least 2 apps on their phones. They have numerous online accounts holding value. How do these users move value around easily? Thepeer is providing the infrastructure enabling these businesses to create a better experience for their customers. We build the technology enabling the transfer of value from one business to another, and app to another. ” Trojan Okoh, CTO and Co-Founder of Thepeer added, “We’re redefining the customer experience and online transfers and we need the support of the business and Developer communities. Developers everywhere can easily integrate our smart API in record time to help businesses leverage our technology to improve customer transfer experience. We’re happy to be on this journey with our partners, customers and Developer Community.”

Thepeer launches on Flutterwave, a payments technology company helping businesses and Startups launch and grow in record time.