There's A Whole World To Fund - Thepeer and GetEquity Just Made It Easier

Investment opportunities for startups are now within reach as GetEquity signs up to become a customer of Thepeer

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Obiageli Unoka
Oct 13, 2021
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Imagine a time where a young girl from Ikorodu has a dream of investing in a startup and is no longer limited by obstacles that would prevent her from ownership. With the click of a button and due processes followed, she becomes an investor in a startup'' that would change the world and her life thanks to a small contribution. A dream come true.

The future isn't far off anymore as this dream is a reality. GetEquity has created a platform that gives access to people interested in investing in startups building the future. It's a new twist for the world of venture capitalism as they've opened the floor for anyone to have a slice of well-vetted investment deals in startups. Now, anyone can invest in startups with as little as $10 and fund these investments using other wallet systems that have Thepeer integrated.

Since its inception, GetEquity has closed three funding rounds for companies listed on its platform, one of which was a $100,000 deal that closed in record time (24 hours). With their help, you can find investors whose goals align with yours and raise a pre-seed round to help kick your idea off the ground.

This is how integration with Thepeer changes everything

With Thepeer's integration, any GetEquity customer can send money from available businesses on Thepeer to their GetEquity wallet to buy tokens and invest. You get to fund incredible opportunities, create funding communities and meet awesome like-minded individuals. Your assets are also safely secured while you build your network on the go. This is just one of the major goals for Thepeer - creating seamless payments while bringing a whole network of like-minded individuals together for the common good.

CEO of Thepeer, Chike Ononye, mentioned

"We are excited to have GetEquity onboard as a customer of Thepeer. This move makes it a lot easier for GetEquity customers to fund their wallets and invest in emerging startups."

Thepeer's integration is live on and can be used by new and existing customers.