February Round-Up: We've Been Dealing.

February was a busy month for us at Thepeer; here’s what we were up to

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Mar 9, 2023
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Hey there 👋🏽

We hope this newsletter finds you well. We know the political climate in Nigeria has made things tough lately, but we want to remind you that you are not alone. Whatever your challenges, we encourage you to keep going and hang in there.

In the midst of difficult circumstances, it can be easy to lose hope and feel like giving up. But we believe that you can overcome any obstacle with perseverance, determination, and the support of those around you.

Remember that your efforts and actions significantly impact your life, regardless of who holds the presidential office. So, stay motivated, work hard, and focus on your goals. And know that there are always opportunities for success, regardless of who our leaders are.

We have to lead ourselves and embrace personal growth and success.

That being said, February was a busy month for us at Thepeer; here’s what we were up to:

Integration Alert! 🥳

Thepeer x Smallchops NG

We announced our integration with SmallChops NG, a brand that offers Nigerians premium snacks, small chops and finger foods at affordable prices.

SmallChops NG  integrated with Thepeer to provide more convenient payment options to their customers via wallets. Thepeer enables seamless wallet-to-wallet transfers across various platforms. SmallChops NG customers can link their wallets to Thepeer and pay for their items at Checkout from their other wallets on platforms integrated with Thepeer.

Thepeer x Pactpay

We announce our integration with Pactpay - a business that offers secure wallets, escrow transactions, business tools, marketplaces, and marketing tools to their customers, as well as transaction security for Africans and African businesses.

Pactpay has integrated Direct Charge by Thepeer to enable their customers to make wallet-to-wallet transfers to/from any of the platforms in Thepeer’s ecosystem, with ease.

Want to see your favourite businesses integrated with Thepeer, feel free to dm us your suggestions on our social media channels.

Valentine's Day Campaign

We celebrated Valentine's season with a special campaign focused on showing love through the businesses integrated within our ecosystem.

We wrote a blog on how you can show love to yourself and loved ones by booking tests for yourself/them on Healthtracka and paying seamlessly with Thepeer.

We collaborated with Eversend to let their customers know they can show love to their loved ones on the Eversend app via Thepeer

We partnered with Nguvu Health to provide their customers with speedy access to therapy sessions when they pay with Thepeer…just in case they were feeling down and lonely this season

In other news…

We're avid readers at Thepeer, and a book some of us have been enjoying this past month is “Love In Colour”, a collection of mythical tales from around the world by British Nigerian author Bolu Babalola.

It's a truly riveting read book, and we highly recommend it.

Wise Words

“Your life isn't yours if you dwell too much on what others think” - Unknown.

See you at the end of March 💙