Introducing Thepeer’s Checkout API: A New, Easier Way To Pay Online 🎉

For businesses who care deeply about their customers.

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Obiageli Unoka
Feb 7, 2022
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In the past few months, We have looked for ways to build better relationships between businesses and their customers. What’s a better way of delighting shoppers than creating a simple checkout experience online? Thepeer Checkout is simple to integrate, easy to use for businesses on their website. We’re excited to build a new shopping experience for all 🥳

What is Checkout?

Ever used a POS to pay for something at a supermarket? Checkout is the POS of the web. It is the point where you pay for a product or service when completing a purchase on a website. It is a huge part of your shopping experience!

With Thepeer Checkout, you can now shop online and pay from your favourite businesses!

Easy does it.

Where does Thepeer come in?

Checkout is usually the end of the customer's journey on the website. It is also the most important part of the customer’s experience and you don't want your customer dropping off due to a bad checkout experience. Thepeer Checkout was built with ease, security, convenience and speed in mind!

What does my business gain?

Businesses integrate Thepeer Checkout for many good reasons:

  • A surefire way to create a new checkout experience that allows shoppers to pay from their most preferred apps.
  • If it is not free, then it is not ThePeer! No additional charges. It is affordable and does not dissuade the shopper from delaying payments.
  • Mobile shoppers are the majority of shoppers across the world today.

How will it work for my business?

To get started:

  • Set up an account with Thepeer if don’t have one and get your API keys here
  • If you want to accept checkout payments on your website, click here to view integration steps
  • If you want to process checkout payments as a wallet provider, click here

I’m a customer, what’s in it for me?

  • It’s safe and easy to use
  • Pay for products and services from businesses powered by Thepeer
  • All transactions are fast 💨

Get ready to give your customers the options they deserve, so they can end their journey how they like.

Welcome to Checkout 🎉

Click here to see what we’re building